we60.com is a web portal developed by Upper Fusion Company Limited, a social enterprise, for retirees, with a view to promoting Active Ageing through providing comprehensive information on how to lead a healthy and quality later life, and on how to look after elderly persons at home.

We conduct our own research and invite experts to share their knowledge on various themes under health, wealth, dining, travel, home-living, lifelong learning and cultivation of interests, etc. We also provide hyperlinks to service organisations to connect our readers to the wide range of support services available in the community.

Upper Fusion is led by its founder Pauline NG, retired Secretary General of the Legislative Council, assisted by a small team of retirees and disabled persons as well as free-lance professionals and volunteers.

Upper Fusion’s mission is to enhance collaboration in creating solutions for the ageing population through communication, innovation, integration of support services provided by caregivers and the community, and through the development of under-utilized resources. Its Core Values are Caring, Comprehensive, Credible, Innovative, Inclusive and Impartial.